Granny annexes have long been associated with garden rooms used as living accommodation. These garden buildings, built under Building Regulations (and often needing planning permission), can provide excellent value for money for many purposes. 

We erected this building ready for family members to move in and complete internal and external areas and a cost saving. We can guide and assist you through the legal requirements. Also, we provide you with substantial cost savings against moving to a larger home.

Extra space for a family member can be designed to provide a home. Keeping them both close to loved ones and in a safe, comfortable and independent environment. Our annexes can accommodate interior walls located to suit your life and a variety of internal lighting and heating options.

Kitchens and bathrooms with some clever space saving ideas. All in a traditional or contemporary building design and a secure and comfortable interior.

Our Designer can help you choose the best design, building layout and orientation for a granny annexe for your garden. Flexible, we can offer a start-to-finish project. Here, we erected this building, leaving the finishing for family members.

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